LS-DYNA Sample Models

Here we are showing a collection of sample models created through LS-DYNA by Lancemore FEA team. LS-DYNA is useful not only for the nonlinear structural analysis, but also for analyzing FSI (Fluid Structural Interaction) and supporting the implicit method function. It also covers a wide range of fields including particle method, vibration and acoustic analysis, and we are expecting that the range will keep on expanding in the future.

The sample models have been created and collected below for the purposes of letting you know what LS-DYNA can do and demonstrating our knowledge and abilities to create models. We are hoping that our models come in useful for you. If you wish to create a particular model, please contact us. We will offer the best cost-effective solutions. Thank you for your interest in our models!

Updated on October 27, 2021

LSDYNA Sample Models No.433 - 480

LSDYNA Sample Models No.385 - 432

LSDYNA Sample Models No.337 - 384

LSDYNA Sample Models No.289 - 336

LSDYNA Sample Models No.241 - 288

LSDYNA Sample Models No.193 - 240

LSDYNA Sample Models No.145 - 192

LSDYNA Sample Models No.097 - 144

LSDYNA Sample models No.049 - 096

LSDYNA Sample Models No.001 - 048