About Us

Company nameLancemore Company
PresidentKihei TSUTSUI
Date of Established Jan 2005
Head office Kamata M&M2 Building 3F, 5-41-3 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0052, Japan


FE Analysis support and consulting
CAE material data services (including non-linear CAE material data)

Welcome to LANCEMORE Co., the world's leading non-linear FEA professionals. Lancemore is one of the most advanced finite element analysis specialists in Japan.

We serve individuals and organizations from various industries including:
- Aerospace
- Automobile
- Aviation
- Architecture
- Construction
- Electronics
- Machinery
- Military
- Medical
- Security

In the past 16 years, we have created more than 500 sample models and collected a wide range of material data through actual experiments in collaboration with scientific institutions and universities.

The material types we offer data for include:
- Metal(Steel,Al,Cu,Mg)
- Rubber
- Fluid

We also provide consulting services for building FEA models and providing solutions to various modeling tasks. We are looking forward to serving you! To get to know us, please browse our sample models "click here". We hope you enjoy our models!

Kihei Tsutsui
Lancemore Company