Wallpapers of LS-DYNA

These are wallpapers of our ls-dyna examples. Large size image will be displayed if you click an image.

No.01 Rubber Boot

No.02 Member Flame

No.03 Bird Strike

No.04 Spring Fall

No.05 Crossmember Numisheet2005B

No.06 Combine Extrusion

No.07 Contact between rail and wheel

No.08 Wheather Strip

No.09 Acoustic Wave

No.10 Karman Vortex

No.11 Buckle Rapture

No.12 Train Crash

No.13 Glass Mold Press

No.14 Gear Contact Stress

No.15 Thermal Stress of a Cylynder Flange

No.16 ICFD / Karman Vortex Re 150